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Eating Disorder Recovery Coaching

What do I do?

As an eating disorder recovery coach, I work to support you with your daily eating disorder behavioral struggles. I act as an adjunct to your clinical treatment team - therapist, dietician, physician etc. and help you with your eating disorder thoughts and  behaviors as they relate to the here and now.  Whether you are dealing with anorexia, binge eating, bulimia or another form of disordered eating, I will provide tips and strategies on HOW to recover. I can have meals with you, help you prepare meals, help you food shop or clothes shop. 

I am not a therapist trained to help you with why you have an eating disorder and I am not a dietician but I will help you implement a meal plan or help you create one based on your dietician's advice or other parameters. 

I provide daily support via text or email and virtual or in person sessions weekly or more frequently, if needed. We will work together to overcome your obstacles so you can recover from your eating disorder and live a healthy, fulfilling, happy life. 


Now is the Time to Begin Your                        Journey

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